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Relation Of Mathematics with Engineering

relation of math with engineering

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For about a million reasons, Math is important to Science. Mathematics is used to describe things; it is the only way to examine things & to compare them with other things.

Mathematics was developed to create a method of comparison that people can understand more quickly and easily by understanding its fundamentals. In Chemistry, if you can’t do with the math an equation can’t be balanced. How much of something will react with something else can’t be determined, in fact, you can’t even properly describe the physical properties of something without math. Even calculations about expression of color needs knowledge of mathematics because color is based on wavelengths of light.

Mathematics is not the actual thing. It is a randomly accepted group of information used for descriptions. It only symbolizes reality it is not reality. So in expressing things especially where accuracy is required in reproducing exacting chemical reactions it is important to understand the math and communicate the information well.

Engineers are often math enthusiasts who got bored with the abstract. The type of math an engineer uses will depend on the type of engineer he is and the type of project in which he is involved.

Math is based on the idea of addition and subtraction. Multiplication and division are variations used to avoid multiple iterations of either subtraction or addition. Calculus, differential equations, arithmetic, algebra, geometry, complex analysis, probability and statistics are different areas of mathematics which have varied applications in Engineering. Engineers use all of these forms of math and many other forms as well.

When several factors of a problem are known and one or more are unknown, engineers use algebra.

Engineers may use plane trigonometry to determine the size of an irregularly shaped parcel of land and may also be used or to determine the height of an object. Spherical trigonometry is used by naval engineers in ship design and by mechanical engineers working on projects such as the design of mechanical hand for an underwater robot.

The engineers use statistics for statistical analysis of the design, the engineer can reveal what percentage of a design will need armor or reinforcement or where any likely failures will occur.
The Engineer uses calculus to determine rates of change or rates by which factors, such as acceleration or weight, change.

A very small portion of time is being spent by engineers in carrying out mathematical calculations. But it does not mean that for engineering mathematics is not important.

Virtually all the fundamental scientific principles are described, then analyzed, finally proven, and predicted through the use of one or more form of mathematics.

To help the Engineers in modeling and simulations these days, before anyone builds anything that costs a lot of money, they usually would like to develop many kinds of mathematical models, and analyze them using a computer. The mathematical model is a set of equations which describe what we think would happen to something if we really built it the way that it is described in the model.