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War of Spices- A Competition of Budding Chefs

competition of budding chefsRawal institute of Management, a reputed MBA college in Delhi NCR (India) is organizing a great culinary competition named ‘War of Spices’ on 24th February, in Faridabad, with extraordinary excitement. As the name suggested, the event will be a common stage where growing culinary experts from various hospitality colleges of Delhi NCR will show their skills, sensibilities and innovativeness before the specialists from the industry.

1-3 teams from a particular institute can participate, no more than two participants in a team. They all will reach 30 minutes before the event start to avoid last minute inconvenience. Competition will be of preparing an Appetizer, a main course and a dessert. However, every participant has to prepare 2 portions of the food items only.

Brief introduction: First, All participant will write down the indent and recipe of their dish in a time period of 10 minutes. Thereafter, a store of ingredients will be provided to all the participants, from which they can, chose what needed for dish they want to present. Wearing their own institute’s identity card, all budding chefs will cook their ideas which would be judged on the basis of parameters- eye appeal, taste, texture etc. Candidates have to perform all the tasks issuing, cooking and presentation within the stipulated time. Basic rules will be followed for plate presentation.

The idea behind this great event is to furnish a motivational platform to the hospitality students where they could not only showcase their skills but also would learn new tips for their career from the industry experts. A great exchange of skills and experience will be happened when members from diverse Hospitality Institutions will be taking part in this mega occasion. Experts from hospitality industry, dignitaries from different fields, media faculty from Print and Electronic media will be presented as a major aspect of this great competition.