Career Selection After Class XII

The scenario today whether at national or global level is extremely dynamic in terms of growth, development, expansion, finances and in any field one can think of. There is tremendous competition and every field is highly demanding and challenging. It requires specialization, caliber of high order, high professionalism and expertise in the area of work. To fulfill the above requirements it is very essential that an individual picks up the field in which s/he can excel. This requires very judicious selection of career to begin with, and subsequently development of career profile as one goes along.

Basically to one extent the stream is decided by the student at class X itself when the student opts for one of the three main streams, namely- science, arts and commerce. He may do this rather hurriedly based on factors like his interest, his performance, guidance of parents, teachers or any other person influencing his thoughts.

Requirement of further channeling of the career comes up on completion of class XII. Students in our country come from different strata with varied social and economic background where upon depend their upbringing, exposure and awareness of the prevailing/ current trends/ scenario, which range from one extreme to the other. Student could be from a remote rural area with his own or his parents vision of achieving something but having almost nil inputs or information as to how to go about it, to convent educated ones from educated and affluent families of metropolitan cities, fully aware of all aspects, having full know how and on top of it, yet all the guidance available to them to take decision on this matter.

The trend observed these days is that students, as well as their parents try to go for a field which has ‘maximum demand’, or is most lucrative. Most of the time they look at the immediate market requirements and not at the future. They are in all probability, even ready to sacrifice their personal interests or capabilities. There is no second opinion that this is the most dangerous way of going about an important matter of one’s life and career.

Right approach would be for the students to weigh the advice and opinion of all seniors and colleagues and take his/ her own independent decision based on his/ her interest and of course giving due consideration to other practical aspects as well. One should not go blindly after his parent’s desires or anyone else’s advice. Parents too should not force their child into their own profession or a field of their own choice.

Career counseling facilities are need of the day and are available these days to help students to take this major critical decision. They are specialists in this field who gauge the students capabilities based on certain tests conducted by them and guide the students in selection of their career field. These psycho- analytical tests are really help full in analyzing ones interest and inclination towards various courses.

Some major fields available in the science stream today are mentioned below:

  1. Engineering- Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Electronics, Design, Control, Instrumentation, Computer Science, Information Technology, Automobile, Aeronautical, Metallurgy, Chemical, Textile, Agriculture, Production, Management, Education, Architecture&Town Planning, Construction, Teaching with various other specializations,
  2. Medicine – Dental, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy, Nursing, Bio-medical, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Ayurveda Medicine, Dietician, Animal Husbandry, Veterinary Sciences, and so on
  3. Specialization in science- Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Optics, Biology, Zoology, Nano Technology, Geology, Anthropology, Fisheries, Forensic Sciences, Hotel Management, Food Technology, Criminology, Micro Biology, so on and so forth.
  4. Similarly there could be an endless list of fields in the Arts and Commerce streams like Law, Music, Education Literature, Political Science, Sociology, History, Geography, Languages- including regional and foreign, Journalism, Film Industry, Fashion Designing,  various types of arts- Drawing, Painting, Sculpture etc, Finance, Marketing, Sales, etc.

On completion of graduation in engineering in any of the disciplines there is limitless scope for pursuing further education or taking up prospective jobs in fields like Govt and Public sector undertakings, Defense, Police and Para military forces, banks, railways, airlines, P&T, MNC’s government appointments, educational institutes, research & development, aerospace, quality control, marketing, sales, management, construction.

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