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INCOMECT 2014 International Conference on Management

Education and Corporate Transformation: The Ethical Underpinning Speaking at an International Conference on Management Education And Corporate Transformation: The Ethical Underpinning Dr. Bimal Aggarwal, Director, Rawal Institute of Management, Faridabad (RIM) shared his thoughts on significance of ethical practice in business education and business practices in corporate sector.


Dr. S.P.Aggarwal, principal of Ramanujan College and Director of the Centre for Ethics and Values, Ramanujan College professor T.K. Mishra raised fundamental issues on the intent and content of education in general and management education particular.
Distinguished guests Mr. Rajesh, CFO, Carnation India Ltd., Abhay Kapoor, Head-HR, Escorts Ltd., and Harsh Juneja, SVP, Tata Tele Services Ltd., all reiterated emphatically the need of having ethical work-culture in the corporate world. They explained the role of values in achieving trust and success in the organization and the society. Chief Guest Mr. B.V. Selvaraj, Ex-Financial Commissioner, Delhi quoting ‘Peter Druker’ emphasized the role of ethics and values in society.

Dr. Vijender Chauhan, Vice Chancellor, HIHT Univerity, and Mr. Prem Shankar Jha, Eminent Journalist, along with Prof Ashok Kumar Singh from Master School of Management advised students to maintain their dignity and character in any adverse circumstances and get rid from any unethical practices in their personal and professional life.
Mr. Marc Avanzo, Guest speaker from France highlighted the practical role of ethical values in corporate transformation. Mr. Mahender Khari, International Key Note Speaker, explained how big companies experience a downfall in the want of ethical values demonstrating with live example with the participation of students of Rawal Institute of Management.

Day 2 started with the welcome address by Mr. Joseph A. Benjamin, General Secretary, New Delhi YMCA. Professor Avinashi Kapoor of Electronic Science Department, Delhi University explained the role of neurology management in achieving ethical behavior. Professor J.P Sharma, Head Department of Commerce, Delhi School of Economics, and University of Delhi spoke about good governance and corporate social responsibility (CSR) and detailing the Satyam debacle case, how balance sheets were fabricated and unethical practices were adopted.

Mr. C NS Nair, IAS (Retd.) point out the concerns in ethical practice in Indian banking sector, he outlined the financial inclusion and priority sector landing program of government helpful in eradication of poverty and employment generation, he admired the capacity of Indian banking sector in shielding the Indian economy from International Economic crises.

Teachers have to act as facilitators. Ethics means being one’s own supervisor, said Dr. R. K. Yadav, Deputy Director, Global Institute of Technology and Management, Gurgaon. Dr. A. K. Pathak, Director, Army Institute of Management and Technology, Greater Noida, drew example from the Mahabharata to describe ethics. Mr. Sutanu Sinha, CEO, Institute of Company Secretaries of India addressed the valedictory session.
Research Papers from Industry, Academia, Research Scholar and Students, different colleges and universities were presented in INCOMET 2014, wherein Ms. Shweta Pandey was awarded for his best research paper titled “Organizational Commitment and Ethical Climate”
In the closing ceremony Shri C B Rawal, Chairman of Rawal Institutions, thanks all the dignitaries, for sharing their valuable information and experiences in the conference. Shri Mahender Goyal, President of Rawal Institution congratulate the faculties, scholars and students for making this event valuable and memorable for everyone present in the conference.